The Running Thoughts

It is 12:50 AM. The race has begun for a few minutes now. thought are running and jumping through might head not looking to stop any time soon. It is a race that has been canceled for a few healthy months but now it’s back to its old habits.

What’s behind this ? The heart, the heart started it all. It chased the thoughts away from the heart and into the brain where they have camped, for now at least. They are usually overpowering, but I think my mind is ready this time around. When I see her I won’t let anything skip a beat, break a sweat, or stumble any word.


This time I will be ready, It won’t be a short race but a marathon. I’ll wear down every melting thought I have before it starts cutting through my flesh. Unfortunately though, history proved to me that I haven’t seen it all and I have yet to be amazed completely by how things turn out

At least a few lessons came-through when I needed them, and they should be the first thing that pops into my head when getting overwhelmed.

1) It’s a process
2) Framing is everything

I can’t wait to meet her. It’s always the first time every time.